"The language of art has to be acquired. It is a learned discourse that may be accessed only through an immersion in art. But the existence of such a condition is not acknowledged by those who present art to viewers." (Becker, 1993, p.49)


This Professinal Practice Portfolio is a working document designed to demonstrate my teaching philosohies and career goals within the field of art education. In support of my personal and professional develpment as an educator, I reflect on my work through the lens of adult education, utilising the knowledge and practices that I have aquired over my time studying in the School of Education at Murdoch University.

Edward Mellor is a practicing artist and educator currently based in Australia. In 2016 Edward graduated with distinction from the Royal College of Art. Following this, Edward remained in London and spent the following four years working as a sessional academic at The Burren College of Art in Ireland, and a contracted technician in the painting departent at the Royal College of Art.

Edward is a skilled practitioner and passionate educator, dedicated to developing curriculm for both art galleries and tertiary art institutions, aimed at improving the public accesability of contemporary art. In 2019 Edward returned
to Australia to commence a Graduate Diploma in Tertiary and Workplace Education at Murdoch University. 

Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art), BA Hons (first calss), Master of Art (Painting), Grad Dip Ed (Tertiary & Workplace).