The Q Card (question card) tour is a gallery education innitiave that I have been developing in conjunction with an upcoming exhibtion. Due to the coronavirus outbreak and subsiquent restrictions, the exhibition that was due to open on the 5th of June has been postponed. As a result, the final cards have not been compiled as the work is yet to be completed, however below represents an example.

Taking the central concepts underpinning adult education in art museums, such as self-directed learning and Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS), the aim of the experiment is to create and present a series of open-ended prompts and questions that are gradually introduced to the viewer as they make their way through the exhibition. The prompts and questions will be supported by further reading, that can be sought at the leisure of the viewer. In the absence of guides and museum staff, these Q Cards act in their place to elicit a form of dialogue between the artwork and the viewer—a self-guided tour, in which the artwork and exhibtion act as the facilitator (Williams, 2010).

This curriculum proposal was developed as a componant of my Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education, Murdoch University. 

Designed as an integrated curriculm implemented into existing course structures, this program aims to augment the culture of waste production in tertiary art programs.