Woody Mellor is an Australian multidisciplinary artist who loves and works in London. Drawing, often explicitly, from a wide range of influences — stage traditions, Australian music and literature, opera, and popular culture — Woody weaves a mixture of painting, tailoring and papier-mâché sculpture into his narrative projects, creating elaborate sets for his films and spoken-word performances. Each work is connected by Woody’s tendency to dance along the blurry line between truth and fiction, sincerity and cynicism, with a style of storytelling that could be likened to a dinner party anecdote with occasional outbursts of a-cappella singing.

Layered with his own awkward dependence on pop-cultural references, as a sort of social prosthesis, Woody utilises the economy of these ‘communal memories’ as he invites you to follow a tenuous thread that connects seemingly unrelated events and coincidences, collaging references and personal histories into an elaborate web of new and ‘known’.